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‘MEAB’ stands for ‘Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board’. MEAB accredited nurseries are nursery schools that have passed the best practice assessment criteria for Montessori nurseries. This includes the proper use of Montessori materials, understanding and demonstration of the philosophy and its proper application to children using the Montessori scheme. It is the ultimate stamp of approval and legitimises the institution as an exemplary Montessori school.

This form of accreditation has only been around for a couple of years and approximately only 100 nurseries have been accredited, simply because the body has limited resources (accreditation is a lengthy process for accreditor and for the setting). There is a long waiting list for accreditation as increasingly parents are not keen to send their children to non-accredited nurseries.

Currently, the fact that a nursery is not accredited doesn’t actually mean they are not a ‘proper Montessori’ but this may be the case in five or seven years’ time when all nurseries wishing to be accredited should have received the opportunity to apply. Many nursery schools fail but can reapply once they have put recommendations in place.

The Nursery School Guide lists all MEAB accredited nursery schools.

For more information on the MEAB, visit their official website at
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