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Toys For Boys
by Nursery School Guide
We have now officially begun the countdown to Christmas day and Father Christmas is starting to get pretty busy, so we decided to help out and create a Top 10 for this year’s Toys for Boys. They range from big to small, pricey to inexpensive, traditional to modern and we want them all!

Kidcampz Play Tent
First on the list is this fantastic piece of kit from Kidcampz. Kidcampz has been designed and tested by kids. So we know they love it! Kidcampz is different from traditional Wendy houses, play houses and pop-up tents because this flexible play tent lets your children’s imagination run wild by encouraging them to create a different shape camp every time. It can be used with furniture such as the kitchen table, sofa or bed. Encourage your children to combine the poles, connectors and pegs with door handles, chairs and cupboard doors and you’ll be amazed at some of the weird and crazy looking camps they come up with!

Price: £87
Buy it here

Dinosaur Fingerprinting Art Set
This is a bestselling creative set from My Small World Toy Store - a fantastic miniature tin containing 3 inkpads, 9 stamps and a set of coloured pencils. Use your fingertips to create dozens of dino's, then add detail with the stamps and pencils... just how many marauding T-rex's will you be able to fit on one piece of paper?

Price: £6.99

Buy it here

Personalised Wooden Train Track
Aptly named company When I Was A Kid produces beautiful personalised wooden sets for young children. This figure of eight train track includes a miniature village complete with wooden painted people, little train stations and bridges and a beautiful personalised name train. The set comes in a natural cotton drawstring gift bag for easy storage.

Price: £39.50

Buy it here

Retro Racing Car
All boys, regardless of age, have a natural need for speed! Zoom around the house on this Retro Red metal racing car. A lovely toy for your pint-sized car lovers and one that will keep them occupied for hours. Made of gauge steel, it has a working steering wheel, 4 durable wheels with long lasting rubber tyres and finished with scratch resistant powder coating for the toughest of kids.

Price: £85

Buy it here

Personalised Poncho Towel
A perfect gift for your son could be the new Poncho Towel. Warm and cosy, the poncho towel acts both as a towel, and a toasty piece of clothing for those cold winter nights. This super soft hooded poncho is also perfect for bath time, beside the pool or at the seaside. There is also the extra addition of personalising each item.

Price: £25

Buy it here

Wall Stickers
These bright and colourful monkey tree wall stickers come complete with three cheeky monkeys and a swing. They add colour and a touch of nature that can change the look and feel of a room, and create a personal space that your child will love.

With a variety of colours and stickers to choose from, your little one can have fun creating their own magical jungle scene around their room.

Price: £70
Buy it here

Little Carpenter’s Bench
An attractive colourful first workbench with 25 pieces that can be hammered screwed and bolted. Great for imaginative and educational play, this workbench includes a wooden saw, spanner, hammer and screwdriver for hours of building fun. It also features a teaching clock with moving hands.

Price: £55
Buy it here

Design Your Own Superhero Cape
We love Ella James creations and in at number eight is her fantastic design your own superhero cape. It comes with a mixture of fabrics and materials that will keep even the most creative little minds busy for hours. Why buy a fancy dress costume when you can make a totally unique one at home?

Price: £34
Buy it here

Nature Trail In A Bag
Why not switch the television off and get your little explorers off into the garden with this fantastic nature trail kit? Complete with a cotton drawstring backpack, binoculars, a compass, magnifying glass and a scrapbook, your little ones can explore the great outdoors, searching for all kinds of wildlife and recording everything they find in their mini scrapbooks.

One of our favourites at the Nursery School guide and a perfect way to get the kids active and out in the fresh air!

Price: £23.50
Buy it here

Skribbies Customised High-Top Trainers
Finally, someone has come up with the ingenious idea of creating some fashionable trainers that your little monkeys can draw on, without getting in trouble! The set comes with monster stickers, six special pens, a wristband for removing old designs and a pair of super comfortable high-top trainers.

Your kids can design their own shoes to fit the mood they are in and the outfit they are wearing, all whilst practicing their drawing skills. We love this one!

Price: £39.99
Buy it here
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