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Top 10 Stocking Fillers for your little ones and their older brothers and sisters (under £10)
It’s getting closer and closer to the big day and the Santa in everyone is getting a little anxious about how to stuff those stockings on Christmas Eve.  The Nursery School Guide is here to help: we’ve taken our pick of some of the most fun and most original stocking fillers from the internet so all you have to do is point, click and relax.  Best of all, they’re all under £10!

  1. 1. ‘I’m As Big As…’ Height Chart

A height chart with a difference!  Photos and TV images can be deceiving: if you ever really wanted to know how you measure up to a dragon, a blue whale’s heart or Napoleon, the I’m As Big As Height Chart is for you. Who’s never wondered if they’re bigger than a squirrel or not?

2. Personalised Christmas Chocolate Bar

A set of clever, Christmas-themed personalised chocolate bars that come in flavours like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate infused with orange oil and chopped pistachio, luxury fruit and nut and dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil.  What’s not to like?  Add your own message on the back for a deliciously tailored treat.

3. Bites and Pieces Crust Cutter

Transform your sandwiches into the tastiest of Tetris bites!  Cut out crust-free, stackable pieces with the handy dandy cutters and challenge your children to put them back together again.  Alternatively, eat a delicious retro sandwich of your own.  Bites and Pieces Crust Cutters are made of durable, food-safe and dishwasher-safe plastic – and the puzzle pieces it creates will go down an absolute treat at your next children’s party.

4. Lollypop Men Lolly  Sticks

Traditional lolly sticks might be great at what they do, but no one could say they’re the life and soul of the party. Enter the Lollypop Men. Simply pop the container and the sticks in the freezer with your favourite fruit juice inside and a few hours later you'll have yourself a dancing, anthropomorphic and above all delicious little lollipop – a bite-size bit of friendly, frozen fun.

5. Arrow Headphones

As Bon Jovi once (might have) sung: ‘Shot through the head and you’re to blame – darlin', these earrrrrrphones are insane!’ FindMeAGift's novelty headphones are lightweight, easy to wear and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face who sees you wearing them. With a standard 3.5mm jack plug, they are compatible with all MP3 players, iPhones, laptops and computers.

6. Bath Lights Show

With just one click you can transform your bath into an ambient light show or, for the more energetic bather (or an excitable kiddie), an upbeat spinning disco. There are five lighting settings in all, from a fast-changing light show to a slow phasing of faint colours to suit every mood.  Let the Bath Lights Show enlighten you on the best way to enjoy bath time.

7. Silly Socks Kids’ Baseball Boot

Featuring a recognisable Converse design complete with laces, stitching detail and realistic sole, these Silly Socks are perfect for little feet and look just like the real deal their big brothers and sisters are wearing. These socks are also sure to raise a smile wherever you decide to break them out, as well as keeping tiny toes warm!

8. Spud Gun

Remember how much fun you had chasing your friends and family around the garden with a potato in one hand and a toy spud loaded gun in the other, only to lob the whole spud at your sister when the pellets fail to hit their target?  Well, we can’t guarantee that this exact same scenario won’t play out again between your children but we can guarantee they’ll love this easy, harmless and exceedingly fun little spud gun.

9. iPod Hoodie

This iPod hoodie cover is a great accessory for every teenager and indie fan looking to personalise their music.  A protective cover as well as an accessory, the hoodie fits iPhones, mobiles and most MP3 players.  Dress up your sounds this Christmas and keep your tech protected at the same time.

10. Undercover Spy Kit

This undercover spy kit is a perfect gift for the aspiring James Bond in your family! Including rear-view glasses, an invisible pen, a UV torch and decoders, this is the ultimate espionage starter kit for any budding spy.  Just don’t be surprised when your little ones start being, er, surprisingly well-informed about things.
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