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Top 10 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts
by Nursery School Guide
If you completely forgot about Father’s Day this Sunday and you have gone into panic mode about what to buy, fear not! The Nursery School Guide has compiled a Top 10 for quirky, last minute gifts that you can personalise and have delivered to your doorstep, in time to make the Daddy in your family feel special.

1. Sock Subscription

We all know how much Dad’s love socks and we also know that you can never have enough pairs! With this original idea from Henry J Socks, Dad’s can receive one, two or three pairs of socks each month for a subscribed number of months. The socks are available in a range of colours and designs and will keep feet looking bright, fresh and fashionable.

Subscription costs vary dependent upon how many months and pairs you would like to order.

Prices range from £4.99/month to £15.63/month

Click here to buy.

2. Giant Polaroid

If you’re feeling a bit more sentimental, the giant personalised polaroid by The Drifting Bear Co. might be an option for you. Simply send in a photo of your choice, write a caption and a large polaroid-style picture will be returned to you. A fun, unique gift for a fun, unique Dad!

Price: £84

Click here to buy.

3. Personalised Beer Holder

If the Dad in your family likes his beer, this rustic looking plant box can be personalised and used as a traditional style drinks holder. Great for a trip to the beach, a picnic in the park or just relaxing in the garden and a great way to make Daddy feel special whilst he enjoys a cold beer, this summer.

Price: £26.95

Click here to buy.

4. Personalised Travel Flask

Again, for the more sentimental gift-givers, this personalised travel flask is great for Dad’s on the go. Simply send in your child’s drawing or an image of your choice, along with a short message. The flask is made from bamboo and stainless steel and makes a great gift for busy Dad’s, this Sunday.

Price: £35

Click here to buy.

5. Personalised Wine Stopper

For the Daddy’s who like their wine, this stylish silver-plated wine bottle stopper is both a chic and elegant gift. The stopper can be inscribed with a message, dates and names of your choice and is a sophisticated gift for Dad’s who are tricky to buy for.

Price: £28

Click here to buy.

6. iPad Oak Charging Dock

For Dad’s who love their gizmos and gadgets, this iPad dock is both tasteful and practical. It can help Dad’s to stay organised, whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing desk ornament. The dock can be personalised and comes in different shapes and sizes.

Price: £55

Click here to buy.

7. Vintage Round Watch Movement Cufflinks

Another one for Dad’s who love their widgets… but with a twist of vintage! These unusual and imaginative cufflinks are designed with beautiful polished rhodium plated settings which compliment the vintage watch movements to perfection. A lovely gift for Dad’s who wear cuffed shirts and like to stand out!

Price: £47

Click here to buy.

8. Personalised Marshmallows

Our personal favourite at NSG, personalised marshmallows from Foodigital! Simply upload the photos or pictures you would like to appear on the top of your marshmallows and that’s it. For the more fun loving Dad’s, with a sweet tooth!

Price: £9.99 per box of 9

Click here to buy.

9. Carafe with Oak Stopper

The ideal gift for the Daddy’s who consider themselves wine connoisseurs. This beautiful carafe is perfect for decanting red wine and allowing to breathe before a dinner party and can also be used for port and sherry. The clear glass combined with the oak stopper offers a unique simplicity to the dinner table and is a lovely gift for Father’s Day.

Price: £24

Click here to buy.

10. Elephant and Ball Tie

This 100% silk tie by Pink is a classic Father’s Day present for the working Daddy. This elephant and ball print offers a fun touch to a classic look and is available in a range of different colours. We have chosen the colour pink because we all know real men LOVE pink! If you’re looking to spend a bit more, they also have some lovely pocket scarves and matching socks, to accompany each tie.

Price: £69

Click here to buy.

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