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Preparing The Nursery For Your New Arrival
By Izabela Minkiewicz
Decorating a nursery can be quite a complex task for a prospective parent. More than that though, it’s an exciting experience that will really bring home the fact you are having a baby once you see the little nursery take shape! Of course there are a few essentials all nurseries need to have and then you can have a little fun along the way with some special added extras.

One thing to keep in mind is the style of your house, as you will want to incorporate this into your nursery décor. Is your interiors style traditional, contemporary or eclectic? Make sure your nursery design reflects your own personal style otherwise you will tire with it very quickly.

Next create a mood board – whether it be through Pinterest or a magazine search, collect together all the pieces you love for inspiration and reference. This will help you pick your colours as well as keep your themes and ideas all in one place. When it comes to the colour scheme, it’s safe to say there’s a good chance you won’t know the baby’s sex – this doesn’t have to make things difficult though.

Hedge your bets with a neutral background in shades of white and cream as you can always add more brightly coloured accessories or token touches of blue or pink once the baby has arrived. Similarly a soft shade of light grey on walls plus soft furnishings always looks clean and tidy. As long as you ensure colours are calming and nurturing then this will advantage you, too – the demands of a newborn are already more than enough.

If you’re looking to add a little personality, you can create a stimulating environment with a bold feature wall. Bright animal shapes on printed wallpaper can create fun colour contrast against a white background while the bold shapes will give the baby something to focus their attention on. Don’t forget to look up, too! Your baby will spend a lot of time lying on his back so make sure you give them something fun to gaze at.

Key furniture pieces should match paints, fabrics and wallpaper to ensure the whole style blends together. It’s easy to get carried away but first and foremost buy the essentials before splashing out on the little luxuries. Think a cot, clothing storage, changing desk and mattresses first and beautiful mobiles and soft cashmere blankets second.

Make sure you do add visually stimulating accessories such as mobiles and pictures to your baby’s room though as these will be vital in their development. Don’t forget one of our fabulous Moses Baskets, too – they will add something luxurious for you to feast your eyes on.

Additionally, think about lighting– bright lights can hurt your babies’ eyes whereas softly dimmed lights will help them feel sleepy at bedtime. Try blackout blinds or curtains to help induce sleep. Finally if you are planning to have table lamps, be safe and ensure all light cords are tied up so your baby cannot pull on them. Otherwise have fun – this is an extremely exciting time for you to enjoy to the fullest!
About the Author
Izabela Minkiewicz
Founder and Owner of Blue Almonds

Iza founded Blue Almonds in the chic Knightsbridge neighbourhood back in 2007. Looking to start a new career and family, she left her high-flying career in hedge funds to pursue her dream of building a business and a brand, which would complement her new lifestyle as mother-to-be.

A magical haven for children and adults alike, the stunning store, which focuses on bespoke children’s interiors, ready-to-wear and accessories, recently relocated to a much larger store on Walton Street which offers her loyal customers a more interactive and enjoyable experience for both mothers and babies.

T: 020 7584 8038
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