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Nanny Versus Nursery
By Georgie Jones
One of the biggest decisions for any parent when their children reach a certain age is what type of childcare is best for their family. For many years there has been a big question over whether a nanny or a nursery is better, and for many it can be a very stressful decision.

The benefits of a nanny are; the one to one care, the fact that care takes place in your own home, the extra nanny chores around the house that a nanny can do, good value for money (especially with more than one child), the flexibility – if your meeting runs over it doesn’t matter too much, and the consistency for your child/ren being in their own home with the same person. On the downside you may feel that your child might get a little lonely and, especially after a certain age, they may need some more regular interaction with other children.

The interaction is one of the main benefits of a nursery; lots of children of a similar age to play with, a fun and busy environment with new toys and lots of activities to do, the cost especially if the hours can be flexible, it frees up your home – which is great if you are working from home or a stay at home mum. On the downside sometimes a nursery environment can be a little overwhelming for young children and it can be difficult to get the flexibility you might require.

Ultimately it comes down to each family’s personal preference and what they hope to gain from their childcare, plus the ages and character of the children plays a very important role in determining which is a better fit. If you would like more information on our flexible nanny service then please contact us, whether you need some help for a morning or afternoon, a few days or weeks we can help.
About the Author
Georgie Jones

Originally from Kent, Georgie's entrepreneurial spirit and acute instinct for business was fostered at a young age. Moving to London to study for her A-Levels, Georgie gained a place at the University of Edinburgh where she was to meet her great friend and business partner Bryony.

With an MA in Business and Spanish from the University of Edinburgh and after a year living in Central America and Madrid Georgie began her career in the wine trade working in marketing across a wide range of wine and spirit brands for Allied Domecq. Georgie was quick to develop her business skills and after a few years there she decided to take up an opportunity to work for a commercial property business to expand upon her business experience. During this time Georgie refined her commercial knowledge, gaining hands-on experience with running a small business which heightened her entrepreneurial drive to set up her own business and launch Like Minders.

After having her first child, Georgie was concerned with the lack of easy, safe and flexible childcare options that existed and were available to her that would enable her to go back to work reassured she was leaving her child in the best care available. Georgie’s self-starting nature, business acumen and drive partnered with Bryony’s passion for children and highly established childcare experience made for a formidable team and after spotting a clear gap in the market for a place that parents could find safe, trustworthy and flexible childcare as and when they needed it, together they launched Like Minders in early 2009.

Georgie lives in Richmond with her husband and two young children Maximilian and Siena- and now never struggles to find a babysitter!

T: 0844 879 7189
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