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My Halloween Party Tips
By Emily Rose-Gibbs

I believe that the small touches at parties  that are most noticed, and these don't need to cost the earth. Halloween is the  perfect opportunity to get creative with your kids and make amazing decorations  to bring a party to life! You certainly don't need to throw money into a  party to make it memorable or to have a good time. 

With Halloween just round the corner we  thought we would share some tips that will transform your home into a spooky Halloween  den. The suggested decorations can all be made at home and make for great craft  and cooking activities too:

Fill the bath with thick red goo, and float  things like eyeballs, spiders, severed fingers, skulls and creepy crawlies in  it. Buy some bloody red hand and footprint stickers, and have them trailing out  of the bath and along the bathroom floor. All these items can be easily bought  online. As well as this:

  • Get a variety of eerie Halloween masks and stick them on your  walls, give your little ones the scary impression they are being watched.
  • Create a spooky banqueting feast, including lychee eyeballs,  severed finger sandwiches, spaghetti for brains, etc. During the party, challenge  the kids to guess the dish, this is always a huge hit at our parties.
  • Weave fake cobwebs in and out of banisters, and then decorate  the cobwebs with toy spiders, worms, and other ghoulish props.
  • Hire a dry ice machine and buy a soundtrack of scary sounds such  as creaking doors and whistling winds, to create that extra ghoulish vibe to  your Halloween party.
  • Carve scary faces out of pumpkins, and position them in every  window of your house, to welcome or scare your guests.
  • Be creative with what’s in your garden. Collect twigs, branches  and leaves (orange,brown or dead) to create creepy flower displays, and drape  in cobwebs for the extra touch.
  • Make a witches potion store. Fill old glass jars and vases  with coloured liquids (look no further than some good food colouring). Or, if  you dare, go to the butcher and ask for offal to display in jars. As a  finishing touch, write potions on scrolls and scatter around the table.

Lastly, remember to be organized. By being organised  you can relax, have fun and focus on the kids at the party to enjoy the evening  with them. The more you plan in advance, the less you will have to worry  about on the day. Thinking about decorations in the week running up to  Halloween is especially important so you don’t spend a full day in last minute  preparation. Consider the little things, like lifting the wicks of night light  candles and putting them in the pumpkins ahead of time. It may seem minor, but will  prove a nightmare if you run out of time on the day! Ideally, aim to keep two nights  free so you can set up before your party. This way, if you notice that anything  is missing, you don’t have to run around on the day itself scrambling to find it.

After the fun and games are over, look out  for discounted decorations in shops, these will be incredibly cheap and save  you time and money next year. 

About the Author

Emily-Rose Gibbs
Managing Partner
Kasimira Party Organisers

Voted as one of Tatler’s top ten party organisers, Kasimira specialises in bespoke weddings, private parties and corporate events, both in the UK and abroad.  

Kasimira is made up of an experienced, tight-knit team who after years of planning, designing and coordinating know what works. They have handpicked first-class suppliers and industry professionals whose proficiency and discretion you can count on without fail.

Not only this, but the Kasimira team love what they do and their commitment is unrivalled and manifested in every respect – as designers, planners and coordinators.

T: 020 7581 8313
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