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Gifts For Girls
by Nursery School Guide
To mark the second week of advent and to give a little inspiration to any mums and dads struggling with gift ideas for little princesses, the Nursery School Guide has put together another gift guide! There was no way we could do a ‘Toys for Boys’ guide and forget about the girls, so here it is… our top 10 gifts for little girls!

The Truly Lovely Den Kit
To kick it all off we have chosen The Truly Lovely Den Kit by Flibberty. Designed specifically to get the girls out and about and away from the screen, this den kit can be used indoors or out and can cater to all sorts of fun activities, whether it be an alfresco tea party, a summer survival weekend or a sleep over with a bit of a twist!

Price: £34.95
Buy it here

Paint Your Own Tea Set
This gorgeous little tea set from Ella James is not your ordinary teacup and saucer collection. A classic 17-piece tea set held in a pink wicker briefcase comes with six pastel coloured paints and a paintbrush. Each item has a printed outline design, which makes for easy painting with a neat finish. Perfect to keep little ones occupied on a cold, rainy day.

Price: £24
Buy it here

Next on our list is another wholesome, outdoorsy gift to get your girls active and thinking about the environment. Plantabox comes complete with a personalised crate, seeds of your choice and a growing manual- ideal for mini gardeners, indoors and out. We love this one as children of all ages can grow their own vegetables and flowers, for the whole family to enjoy!

Price: £26.95 (kids gardening tools: £4.95)
Buy it here

Rose Cottage Dolls House
Number four on our gifts for girls is something a little more traditional. A beautiful Rose Cottage Dolls House from Honey Jam. Unlike most dolls houses these days, the one we have chosen will not cost you hundreds of pounds. It comes fully furnished with a six-person family as well as a cat and a dog.

Price: £125
Buy it here

Doodle Duvet
Doodle By Stitch has come up with the award winning idea of a Doodle Duvet. A duvet cover designed to look like a blank page of a notebook where children can draw or write messages to suit their mood. This product comes with 10 washout colour markers, which can be applied and then washed out, leaving a clean slate every time the sheets are washed.

Price: £40 (single UK duvet cover without pillow case)
Buy it here

Tutu Kit
Back to the wonderful Ella James for this fantastic ‘Design Your Own Tutu Kit’, an invention that will engage even the most creative little minds. The idea is to design a unique tutu using all sorts of different materials and fabrics, which can then be worn to any number of fancy dress occasions… or just around the house!

Price: £34
Buy it here

Cake Baking Set for Kids
This Tattybogle baking set is a perfect little starter kit for little ones who are interested in making and baking a selection of tasty treats. The kit comes ready with a wooden spoon, mini whisk, rubber spatula, rolling pin and gingerbread and heart shaped cutters. These essential baking utensils come in a beautiful floral print drawstring bag with a personalised nameplate on the front.

Price: £18.50
Buy it here

Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit
Sweet Cecily’s have come up with this fantastic personalised lip balm making kit in a range of smells… we chose strawberry! Great fun for girls, the kit comes with step-by-step instructions and all the necessary ingredients as well as five cute little pots to hold their very own lip remedy. The lip balm set can also be personalised by simply typing a name into the online label before purchasing! Good fun and very useful for those chilly winter months.

Price: £15.95
Buy it here

Make Believe Shop Playset
For some reason, pretending to be a shopkeeper is one of those things kids just love to do. We did it as children and now our own kids like to do it and no doubt their kids after them will love to do it too. So to make the whole experience as fun as possible, we recommend this brilliant little make believe shop playset from Sarah Hurley Designs. The kit comes with a bag of toy money, a till, pretend food packages, a shopping basket and much more- all the necessities for a first time shopkeeper. You can even personalise the whole thing by adding a name!

Price: £25
Buy it here

The Original Rainbow Loom Kit
Voted as 2014’s Toy of the Year, the Rainbow Loom Kit is the final pick for our gifts for girls! It comes with 600 multi-coloured, latex-free rubber bands as well as all the necessary hooks, clips, looms and instructions to create some of the coolest accessories for little girls… and big girls too!

Price: £14.99

Buy it here

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