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Giant Easter Eggs 2015
By Educate Private
Easter is once more a mere hop around the corner and it is time to begin the hunt for the perfect Easter egg. This year we decided that we would help you find the most luxurious, extravagant egg masterpieces we could. A few of our favourite chocolatiers have come up with some mouth-watering designs, of which we have struggled, but succeeded, to narrow down a top five.

Bettys Chocolatier’s Egg 2015

Still practicing the artisan skills brought to the UK nearly 100 years ago; Betty’s have yet again come up with a stunning new creation. Made by professionals with vast experience and a deep passion for chocolate, this large Grand Cru Swiss dark chocolate egg is decorated with hand-piped Royal icing roses. Within lies a second, smaller, skilfully crafted egg that can be seen through holes in the outer layer, offering onlookers a tantalising glimpse of what lies within.

Price: £80.00
Buy it here

Lick The Spoon

Particularly well known for their quirky taste in chocolate design, Lick The Spoon has for the first time produced a large chocolate filigree Easter egg that can incorporate a name or message into the design. Beautifully covered in a gold hue, this luxury Easter egg comes in a large keyhole box accompanied by twelve of their award winning chocolates.

Price: £40.00
Buy it here

James Chocolates

Perhaps one of the biggest eggs on the market, James Chocolates have outdone themselves this year with two and a half kilograms of chocolate in this giant Easter extravaganza. Enough for the entire family, this egg is laced with white chocolate swirls and finished with a ribbon and bow.

Price: £79.99
Buy it here

Lindt Easter Bunny

Lindt’s master chocolatiers have been working since 1845 to produce the highest quality of chocolate. Our favourite gold wrapped, chocolate bunnies, lovingly created by Lindt, have become one of the most famous chocolate animals in the world and this year they bring their biggest bunny yet. One kilogram of this silky smooth chocolate provides enough to share out among the family this Easter.

Price: £39.99
Buy it here

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Easter Egg

When is comes to food, we always save the best ‘til last. Hotel Chocolat has created the Everest of chocolate eggs; an egg to challenge the most resolute of chocolate-lovers. Their biggest ever Easter egg, ‘The Ostrich Egg’, comprises of a crispy, cookie, extra thick chocolate shell, glazed with a netted coating of white chocolate. Within lies a medley of 27 different chocolates from your classic truffles to tangy fruit creams. An ultimate gift on Easter Sunday.

Price: £75.00
Buy it here

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