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Diet Mistakes That Make Cravings Worse
By Rita Arora
Don’t skimp on breakfast

• It has been proven that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day – breaking the night time fast and kick-starting our metabolism for the day ahead. However, many of us continue to skimp on breakfast or dodge it altogether, and this can lead to cravings later on in the day.

• Even if you’re not hungry it’s important to try to eat something. One study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that overweight participants who ate a breakfast of 350 calories with at least 13 grams of protein had significantly reduced cravings for sweet and savoury foods compared to those who skipped breakfast.

Be mindful of your serving size

• If you decide you really can’t resist some chocolate or a biscuit, then go ahead and treat yourself, but make sure you don’t eat the whole pack. Findings from a study conducted at Cornell University, U.S showed that eating smaller snack-sized portions of chocolate, apple pie or crisps, creates the same feelings of satisfaction as eating larger portions.

Figure out what your cravings mean

• You need to understand why you have certain cravings in order to do something about them. Otherwise you will continue to mindlessly give in whenever a craving hits. Aim to keep a craving journal, either as a notes document in your phone or in a handy jotter to keep in your bag. When you feel a craving coming on, log your emotions – are you tired, anxious, stressed, or simply bored? Recognising your feelings will help you to deal with the causes head on rather than resorting to unhealthy fast food.

Pair your cravings with something healthy

• If you constantly satisfy your cravings with unhealthy food, you are failing to give your body the nutrition it needs to feel satisfied. By pairing your cravings with healthy food, such as fruit or kale chips instead of sweets or a pack of Cheese and Onion crisps, you will gradually stop associating a craving with something calorific.

Nutripharm is a local nutrition consultancy specialising in achieving health by eating well. Sessions provide advice on diet, vitamin and mineral intake, allopathic medicine and complementary therapies.

As naturopathic nutritionists Nutripharm understands how the diet influences mind, body and spirit. They work with you to create a realistic, achievable programme to help manage any symptom. Nutripharm empowers clients to take control their own health in a sustainable and natural way.
About the Author
Rita Arora

I am a fully qualified pharmacist with an understanding of many disease states, allopathic medicine, complementary therapies and homeopathic medicines. Being a naturopathic nutritionist I appreciate how the diet influences mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy working with clients to educate them about how nutrition and food influences their health and together we create a programme which is both realistic and achievable. This enables clients to take control and manage their own health in a way which is sustainable and natural.
I use the Functional Approach, ensuring an in depth assessment is made in order to understand bio chemical imbalances.
I also use an ASYRA bio energetic system, which is favoured by some clients as a means of a guide to further testing if necessary.

T: 07738275546
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